Goddess of the Sea Cruises
Laurie & Chris,
September 8, 2002

September 8, 2002

Cap'n Frank, (the good Captain), an able bodied seaman, detailed instructor, good cook and instant friend. Despite my overactive imagination, you managed to instill some fundamental sailing facts into my thick head. I will now and forever more remember to turn into the eye of the wind when coming about! This was a very comprehensive introduction for a would be sailor, for which Laurie and I are very grateful.
Great weather, a variety of conditions to experience and learn from, and seals, as well! Thanks for all the help with the knots and the great dinner service. We ate like kings! It was great fun great fun watching Thomaston getting sucked up by aliens as we both caught a case of Saturday Night Fever! Please post a picture of you on the web site with your full disco outfit on. Next trip, breakdancing!
To come about, "just push away", will never be uttered again. I will just turn the bow into the eye of the wind.
Wonderful trip that will enable us to perhaps fulfill a dream, or something like that!

May God bless your future endeavers, as you grow your business and believe for that larger boat!

Chris Chalifoux and Laurie Weigerf

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