Goddess of the Sea Cruises
Sara & Erin, June 19, 2002


Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Captain Frank;
 What a great sail for us first timers. Weíre so glad the weather was good and the water pretty calm. Thanks so much for the sailing lessons. We will try to remember as much as we can! Thereís nothing like going forward and sitting under the sun and sailing at 6 knots! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Sara Mather
Clio, MI

Captain Frank, TW,
 Thanks for putting up with us city folk. It was an awesome day.
The Aphrodite put the ďAĒ, in Maine!
A limerick for you:
Captain Frank
Iím glad we didnít sank
Or made us walk the plank
All we have left to say is Ö.. Thank (s)  :-)

Erin Atbrough
Ann Arbor, MI
(Go Blue)

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