Goddess of the Sea Cruises
Tom & Steve, August 21 - 23, 2002

August 21-23, 2002
Day 1
         What a perfect day; perfect temperature, flat seas, light wind. A great day to start our trip. Hopefully more wind tomorrow. Today was capped off the best, sweetest lobster I ever tasted. Seal Cove is a beautiful spot. Can life get any better than this?

Day 2
        Be careful what you hope for; today we have brisk winds and lumpy seas. Captain Frank has impressed us with his competence and experience. We made it safely to our original planned destination, a little wet, a little cold, and a little tired. We then settled back for a scrumptious bacon wrapped filet mignon dinner. What a contrast from yesterday. From light winds ghosting along, to double reefed mainsail and reefed jib sailing. Again, can life be any better than this?

Day 3
        The best day sailing; nice winds, flat seas. Not only was this the most fun I have had in a long time, it was also very educational. Captain Frank is a great teacher. I am now a better sailor.

In summary, this was a fabulous vacation! Captain Frank is not a bad cook!
PS: Great pancakes, also!

Fair winds, smooth seas,
Tom Bernacki

Captain Frank:
        This was a great experience for me, because I came wanting to learn how to sail. Captain Frank was more than willing to to let us sit back and relax, but was also willing to let us try a little sailing ourselves. I figure as long as the boat did not explode, he must have taught me something right.
        Only because of Captain Frank could I answer my lifelong question: Is there someway I could prepare my bacon in 40 seconds. Amazingly, the answer is yes!
It has been a truly great experience and has encouraged me to dream of having a boat of my own someday. That way, I can give the orders to safely run the boat.

Steve Bernacki
PS: Great pancakes :-)

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