Goddess of the Sea Cruises
Maine Lighthouse Cruises with Photo opportunities.
Combine the romance of seafaring, the skill of engineering, the lessons of history
and a nice relaxing day on the water,
and you have some of the reasons why
lighthouses continue
to captivate travelers on land and sea.
We can visit 3 lighthouses on a 7 hr Sailing Adventure:
Below are just a few of the many Lighthouses of Maine

Ram Island Light, the first on your tour!

Pemaquid Point Light

Southern Island Light
                       Marshall Point Lighthouse                                            Southern Island Lighthouse

White Head Lighthouse

Two Bush Lighthouse

Marshall Point Lighthouse where Tom Hanks in the movie "Forrest Gump", ran to.

Maine Artist Jamie Wyeth's Island, Southern Island Light Station

Sailing past Marshal Point Lighthouse
There are many historic Maine lighthouses that are strung along the Maine coast.
These are just a few of the Maine lighthouses that are proudly maintained
by the US Coast Guard. 

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