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SHIPS LOG    (Written by our guests!)  last update 3/12/06
Captain Frank
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September 30, 2006
Dear Captain Frank,
          Our second time sailing was even better than our first! Unfortunately it took us five years to make it back. Our first sail was our 20th anniversary, so for our 25th anniversary, I will leave you with a verse: To sail the sea, Aye, to breathe once more, A crisp stiff breeze,‘Tis what Mike and Teresa adore!

September 13, 2006
Captain Frank,
          A wonderful day sail! Thank you so much. Adequate wind, big swells, 20 degrees of heel on our way back, along with taking pictures of Monhegan Island. Just an awesome day spent on the ocean. We saw dolphins on the way back. Wonderful!!
Paula and John Peterson

August 28, 2006
Thank you Captain Frank! The weather may not have cooperated but you made our first sailing experience wonderful! You’re the best.
Happy sailing,
John, Allan & Barbie Grace

August 25-27, 2006
Dear Captain Frank,
          Thank you for the great voyage through dense fog up the Kennebec River to Bath, Maine. Your boat provided a most comfortable cruise, relaxing and adventurous. I never thought I would sleep so long on a boat! We are all looking forward to learning how to sail!
Best wishes & kind regards,
The Carrols, John, Jeanne, JD and Jess

August 21-23,
Dear Captain Frank,
          You and Mike were wonderful companions, providing us with good days of sailing, albeit light winds. We enjoyed great food, interesting conversations and teachings of the basics of sailing. We are tempted, but will probably will not sell the house and sail to the Azores.
Thanks for everything,
The Channick party of four,
Ruth, Joan, Nancy and Herb

August 20, 2006
Captain Frank,
          We can’t thank you enough, it was beautiful! I can’t wait to sail again when we have some sunshine. Loved it!
Thank you,
Frank & Kathy

August 17, 2006 (bachelorette party of 6)
          It was great to get a coastal ride on a beautiful boat, especially with sails. I’ve already rode on motor boats, it definitely has a different & smooth ride. Now I need to get an air view on a plane of Maine’s gorgeous coast. Thanks for the ride and showing us the islands. Too bad we missed the seals on Pumkin Island, they must have heard girls laughing so much it spooked them. I enjoyed my bachelorette sail, felt relaxed, excellent.
Christy LoCicero
Norway, Me
You never realize what you have until you leave and then come back. Florida is nice and all, but the rugged rocks that hide a beautiful land leaves you more appreciative. Just being able to enjoy that was worth it. As I told you, you are a lucky bag of bolts.
Darleen Linship
Canton, Me

August 12, 2006
          We were lucky to have good weather, lucky to see lots of sea life, and lucky to have Captain Frank show us a wonderful time!
Joan & Paul

August 10, 2006

          Thank you Captain Frank for a spectacular day of sailing with you. The weather could not have been more perfect and the lobster dinner was truly the best we ever had. It was wonderful to be with like you who lives their passion. Your love of sailing and expertise is very evident. Thank you for a truly memorable experience.
Kay & Andy Egan
Bedford, NH

August 12, 2006
          Thank you for a great relaxing day on the water. We had a great time & dinner was excellent!
Janie & Jared Goodman
( Girls Camp Sailing Adventure)

July 13, 2006

          I had a great time on your boat! It was so cool getting to see the seals. I hope to see you again soon.
Charlie B.
July 13, 2006
Dear Frank,
          I had a great time on your boat. I got to drive the boat! And we got to see the seals! Thanks sooooo much. Hope to see you soon!
Zoe M.
Dear Frank,
          Thank you sooo much for letting us on your boat, it looks really nice and I had a lot of fun. It was really cool to see the seals. They were sooo cool! Plus, the movies were really good.
Ally Fuller and Kathleen

July, 2006
2 great sailing days! The seal colony was a highlight & the heeling on the second day with a stiff breeze was terrific. So glad it worked out that we could sail under the very capable hands of Captain Frank. The Harvest Moon is lovely & so was our trip on her. Thanks also for all of your knowledge sharing, regarding navigation, the electronics aboard the Harvest Moon and the local lobstering situation. It added a lot to my enjoyment of the trip – a beautiful vessel and a memorable trip.
Thank you, Frank
Elizabeth & Roland
Orwell, VT

July 8, 2006
Thanks for taking care of a fellow New Yorker. The knowledge and laughs will last a while.
Ted Wisner
Canton, NYAnd thanks for showing a few Canadian prairie brothers the ropes!
Nate Leslie
Winnipeg, Canada

July 7, 2006
What a great day Sailing! The seas were calm and the sky was blue. We saw a dolphin and a whale and had a great time!
Thank you so much!
Laura, Kurt & Katie Miller
Perrysburg, Ohio

April 12 & 13, 2006
Sometimes less is more. We didn’t get to do as much sailing as we would have liked to, but what we did experience was to die for. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. No doubt you have put a sailing itch in my husband, and we will be doing this again.
          Hopefully we will meet up again some day and if not sailing on your boat, we will meet at a marina and we will have our own boat.
Thanks for the great experience,
Barb and Dennis Bailey
Iron Mountain, MI

September 19 & 20, 2005
This sea voyage was presented to Ed & Janice as a wedding gift. Thank you, Captain Frank for a wonderful experience. We saw seals, whales and lots of birds. We had the best seats in the house, front row!  Wind and waves created a wonderful ride, almost as good as riding motorcycles without helmets.  Thank you for letting me trim the sails and take the helm for a while. It was a great experience to feel the boat respond to wind and rudder.  We had a wonderful dinner with you and Doreen, including a superb lobster dinner, cocktails and sunset in the harbor. Thanks again Captain Frank, we look forward to sailing with you again!
Janice and Ed Horton
PS: The berth was so comfortable, we slept like babies. God Bess you always –


September 14, 2005
Captain Frank,
          This has been an experience to remember. I have enjoyed the sail and the company. The sailing was great, and has enhanced my desire for a boat of my own, (someday). Even though the fog has cut short a 2-day sail, I look forward to coming back and completing the trip. Thanks for a wonderful time.
Jim Francois
Ridge, NH

September 9, 2005
Captain Frank,
          We enjoyed everything about the voyage, the sun, the waters, the food, except the wind. We had a great time and we will come back!
Tim & Chris Robinson,
Katy, Texas

September 8, 2005
Captain Frank,
          The voyage was worth the wait! Perhaps September is better than July – We think so. It was terrific to have the senses come alive and to feel the toss of the sea. Our trip has only reaffirmed our desire to purchase a boat and join you at sea. Thanks for everything, and thanks for being patient with my constant questioning.
Fair winds,
Hank & Carolyn,
Limington, Maine

September 5, 2005
Thank a lot. We are greatly impressed by your hospitality.
Dear Captain Frank,
          Thanks a lot for giving us the best vacation we have ever had. It was an exhilarating trip from the beginning – every thing was wondrous – from seeing a seal walk up an island, to watching the 3 sails go up! We hope to be back someday, so that we can sail away to greater distances, and see the things left unseen on this trip. Till such time, best of luck with your plans.
Take care,
Sarabjit and Sirigdha
Hello Captain Frank,
          We enjoyed the one day trip very much - - especially taking control of the wheel on our way back. The trip just confirmed the truth: Maine’s coast is very beautiful.
Thank you very much,
Arghya Banerjee

August 27, 2005
Captain Frank,
          Sixteen years ago today, Scott and I were married. Thanks for making our anniversary celebration so peaceful, relaxing and stress-free. The Harvest Moon is wonderful! We wish you the best of luck with your great new boat and voyages ahead!
Marie & Scott Stuckey

August 24 & 25, 2005,
Captain Frank,
          Our first time to Maine. Our first time sleeping on a sailboat. Our first time meeting you, and first time sailing on the Aphrodite. We had a rewarding experience, and plan on making a return visit. The view is beautiful and the smell of salt air is a scent that will not be forgotten.
Thank you Captain Frank; a pleasure to meet you. The experience I will remember till next time, good luck and good fortune.
Ken & Gerrie Gage

August 26, 2005
        Captain Frank; Jack & I wanted a good taste of what ocean sailing might be… and we got a great one! Conditions and weather were superb and we sailed at 5 knots consistently! You gave us a great orientation to the basics of sailing with inspirations to do more & more sailing now. Thank you for a great experience, good humor and a great start in sailing.
Barry & Jack Glass

August 20 & 21, 2005
        Norm and I had a wonderful two day adventure on board the Harvest Moon. Saturday was cloudy and cool, but that didn’t take the wind out of the sails. We enjoyed the afternoon on the seas. Coming back was a bit foggy, but we dodged lobster pots and made our way back safely. Thank you for cooking a wonderful dinner. The corn was the best I have had all season! After dinner we enjoyed some time topside, No stars to be seen, but beautiful none the less. Norm and I had fun trying to beat you playing Trivial Pursuit, with no luck, you won. We had a great night’s sleep the aft quarters are very comfortable. The breakfast was great. Off to another great day at the wheel! Although the wind was light today, the sun came out and provided us with a great day in the open waters. This was our first sailing trip and overnight stay. Any day on the water is a great day, but it was more fun with you as Captain. Thank you for making Norm’s birthday great.
Happy sailing,
Norm & Ginny Tetu
Hooksett, NH

August 15, 2005
        Thanks Captain Frank, my daughters now love sailing on “your big boat”. Beautiful day, slow, quiet winds with no complaints. You have a nice touch with the Harvest Moon. We will definitely return with more family.
Gerri & the girls,
Bridgewater, MA

Captain Frank-
       Thanks for the awesome  day on the ocean. We really enjoyed everything -- the seals, the scenery and the sunshine! I wanted to say a special thanks for letting me be the "Captain" for 40 minutes. We both now enjoy sailing and you made us feel safe. Also we appreciated the fact of the 9,500 lbs. of keel ballast to keep us balanced. We knew the boat wouldn't tip, "because you said so"! 
Thanks again!
Love Melissa (14 yrs old), Nicole (11 yrs old)
Bridgewater, MA

August 11 & 12, 2005
        Captain Frank and Mark have been the most gracious and hospitable hosts. Harvest Moon is a fine, well told craft and full of life. If only there was wind. We truly enjoyed our time! Just to smell the salt and feel the roll, is to re-connect with the sea. We will be back again.
Jim & Kathy Owens
Cortland, NY

August 13 & 14, 2005
        Roy & I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience. This was out first real sailing and what a great time. We saw the seals before we left the marina. We saw the dolphins a couple of times. Hitting 7.0 knots was the highlight! The wind was cooperating on Saturday - thats for sure. The lobster and fillet was delicious. Breakfast was great, too. We slept great. We definitely will be back.
Thanks for everything,
Ruth & Roy Bell
East Hartford, CT

9th August 2005
        Red as a lobster, but we had a fantastic 2 days out on the Harvest Moon. Our luck was in, when we found out we were on the big boat as Josie was in town to help. Seals, dolphins, stunning sunset and up to 6.8 knots on the way back today. Full marks to Frank for his skill in negotiating all the lobster pots. Lots of fun!
Sara & Bill,
(Londoners living in NY)

August 9, 2005
To Captain Frank, from Captain Josie,
       I have to say you that hands down you have the most challenging environment to maneuver your boat! What a challenge to your skills, my hat is off to you! I am so pleased to finally have made it to Maine to visit and sail. I have sailed many places but this was incredible here and you are a great host. I can see why your guests appreciate sailing in Maine with you! Maybe I will see you and the Harvest Moon in Florida.
Captain (cousin) Josie
Adventure Sailing & Cruising
St. Petersburg, Florida

(If Florida is your derstination, I highly recommend sailing lessons with Captain Josie, or a bare boat sail.  Captain Frank)

August 7, 2005
       24 hours of perfection - Captain Frank is a perfectionist in all he does; pristine scenery, delicious food. We felt amazingly comfortable and welcomed - We will be back for more!! Good luck as you perfect the Harvest Moon.
Amy Lampert & Cozmo

August 7, 2005
       110% in all you have done - including the weather, the company, the comforts and the pace. Thankyou for such an interlude. Harvest Moon is a functioning work of art, Captain Frank - may you have years of cruising ahead.
Warren fergurson

August 2, 2005
       We could not have asked a more wonderful honeymoon memory. We had a marvelous time. The sailing was beautiful. You provided a wonderful tour of all the islands and local points of interest. It was all the better with the arrival of dolphins and seals. Our perfect day ended with a wonderful lobster dinner, accompanied by wine and a delicious dessert. Captain Frank, you love what you do, and this is evident in your efforts to make any trip memorable and special. We needed time to relax and start our lives together with peace and balance. This was a wonderful start and we hope to visit again.
Many, many thanks!
Austin & Amy Rosenfeld

July 23, 2005
       Thank you for the fantastic voyage. The weather could not have been better. the views and discussions were great. Hope to see you in the future.
The Sandahls, Joel, Brian, Mike and Josh

July 22, 2005
       Thank you for a delightful trip with good crew & happy travelers. Excellent ship and well "captained" and "mate-ed". best of luck to all who sail her.
Fair winds & fine sailing!
Don Miller

July 16, 2005
       For many years I have thought about a sailing adventure - somewhere in the worls - before getting too old. The saga's about sailing off the Maine coast are legendary. my perenial friend Tom sent me a book by Sterling Donald Cameron, the Canadien author and adventurer, that was in January '05. I was on the world wide web instantly. The only service for an extended trip that I could find was Goddess of the Sea Cruises. Six days on and around Penobscot Bay was most satisfactory, and satisfying. I complement Captain Frank on his sailing skills as well as his culinary skills.
Thanks for a splendid trip,
Roland J. Green

July 16, 2005
       What an enjoyable six days onboard! Good sailing and good conversation with a Captain who cares and worries about the safety of his crew and passengers at all times! Frank, good wishes for many more years of sailing and entertaining your guests.
Tom Levin
Minneapolis, Minnesota

July 6, 2005
Captain Frank,
       Our trip started on a beautiful sunny day and ended with a little rain and a foggy morning. No matter what the weather or wind conditions, you were right - a day on the water is always better then a day at the office. My husbands 40th birthday has been made even more memorable from this trip. Thanks so much for your kindness and hospitality! You have a beautiful new boat to enjoy many travels. Your parents are certainly proud of how you share this with so many others. Take care! Oh, and watch out for those lobster pots.
Paula & Ray
Merrimack, NH

July 3, 2005
       The Shannon Family from Raleigh, NC, and Rene Christansen, Hollywood, CA.

July 1, 2005
        Thanks for the spirited adventurous sail through foggy skies and calm waters. Your knowledge of sailboats has been an asset to us.
Jason & Susan
Kansas City

June 30, 2005
Captain Frank,
       Thank you so much for a wonderful day and entertaining evening. Although neither of us are 75, we have 57 years between us, and enough experience to feel your passion for sailing and enjoy your company and love for the water. We had a great time! We were so happy for that burst of wind that cleared the fog. This was our first sailing tripand it seems that mother nature wished for us to go! Thanks for making it clear up. Well, maybe you didn't do it, but it seemed like it. The Harvest Moon was very pleasant to sleep on, although I do want a rematch with you in the Trivial Pursuit Game. You have two beautiful boats, an enviable way of life, and we appreciated our time with you.
Take care,
Jom & Heather Hammack
Atlanta, GA

June 28, 2005
Dear Captain Frank,
       Thank you so much for a fantastic day. This was out first time sailing on the ocean. Although the wind was not on our side, we still had the best time. We saw 3 dolphins, 4 seals, WOW! We definitely do not see that in new York. The lobster dinner was a perfect end to a perfect day. See you same time next year.
Eileen & Aaron Roberts,
Rochester, NY

June 23, 2005
       Thank you Captain Frank for a thoroughly enjoyable time aboard the Harvest Moon. It brought back memories of youth and ancestry. It is an experience that everyone should try at least once.
Hope to do it again soon,

June 21, 2005    "The Berry Family Cruise"

What can we realy say that would not have been said already. I personally felt at ease, comfortable and quite content with an experience I never thought I would have in this odd system of things.  Thank you Captain Frank for your expertise in many ways than sailing. Loved every bit of this event. Memories abound.
Romona  W. Berry
We went out sailing on the 20th and then slept over. We set the record for the biggest amoubf of heel on the Harvest Moon of 34 degrees. Hope no one beats it!
Jeffrey Berry

This was a great experience for my sailboat ride. It was fun to steer the boat, but very challenging. My Mom really enjoyed this ride.
Joe Berry

June 18 & 19, 2005
       I booked a surprise birthday cruise for my wife with Captain Frank, and his mate, Earl. It turned out to be a surprise for both of us, (and Frank & Earl). My wife was surprised at the trip I planned, and I was surprised to

July 12 & 13, 2003

Dear Capt. Frank,
         Jon and I truly enjoyed our experience aboard the Aphrodite. Our first day started late, (due to our late arrival), and was a bit foggy, but none the less we sailed. We were quite lucky to spot a whale in the mouth of the river. The lobster dinner was our first experience with soft shell lobster, (yum yum). The fixin’s were delicious also!

        The second day was perfect! This was my, (Lisa’s), first time sailing out in the ocean and going at quite a speed. All I can say is wow, I loved it and I am hooked! The Aphrodite is quite a sailing vessel and we exceeded her theoretical hull speed, (6.2 knots), and hit 6.8 knots or more! It’s hard not to be happy at sea, and to forget about all of your troubles back on land on such a perfect day.

        Captain Frank is as accommodating and flexible a host as he is an experienced and competent a sailor. Despite his love for the “Mighty”  Aphrodite, he allowed Jon and I to “help” sail. In other words, we kept him busy with our lack of sailing skills. We think this surprising amount of patience comes from his love of sailing and sharing it with others. As an all around good guy, Captain and host, you couldn’t measure the quality of this sailor by the size of his boat. Either at 25’ or 44’, a day sail or east coast voyage, consider Captain Frank essential personnel.

 We enjoyed your company, conversation and direction. Best wishes and safe journeys.

Thanks for everything,
Lisa Difebbo and Jon Wilding

July 15, 16 & 17, 2003
        We had a marvelous 3 days on the Aphrodite with you. We fought the fog and the rain for a day, and it paid off! A spectacular, perfect third day on the water. We had no where to go, and and all day to get there! The gentle rolling seas and moderate winds gave us a day of gentle sailing with perfect conditions. Sunshine, seals, dolphins and a myriad of sea birds wrer more than we could have planned for ourselves.
        When we sail with you again, it will be on the "Gina". We know this in our hearts and soon it will be in yours to stay. We wish you the best the sea has to offer. Farmers can be fun!

Richard Brenner & Donna Nitschke

July 14, 2003
Captain Frank,
        I could write a long letter about how much Bonnie and I loved this Sailing Adventure. The wonderful Maine coast.... How you let me "think", I was sailing the Aphrodite.... We saw dolphins and a whale... or even write about the great food. All of these things were what we hoped they would be for our 25th Anniversary Cruise. But what made it extra special was getting a chance to meet Captain Frank!! It is a friendship we will carry with us and treasure!
        Don't give up that dream, the "Gina" will become a reality... and we'll be back to sail her with you. Thanks for the experience. Everyone goes on a cruise for their 25th Anniversary, we enjoyed everything!

Your friends always,    :)
Kenny and Bonnie McCarty
Owensboro, KY

SHIPS LOG    September 25, 2002
Tenants Harbor, ME.
Entry by: LouAnn and Michael Lindie
Benton, ME.
        Because we were early, a seemingly friendly seal had greeted us at the dock. But soon we watched a beautiful, white sailboat glide down towards us. Through my binoculars I could see Captain Frank wave to us, as he skillfully piloted his craft past lobster pots and the dozen or so other boats moored nearby.
        Frank introduced us to Nicole and Jim, a charming, departing, couple from New Jersey,  still glowing with a full charge of life long memories from their overnight adventure. Hugs and handshakes are exchanged.  I can't help but notice their high levels of enthusiasm and regard for Captain Frank! As details of their sailing experience and overnight on board spring forth, our own anticipation heightens. Doreen arrives with fresh provisions, as we board the APHRODITE under sunny skies with a warm and light east wind.
        Captain Frank gives us a quick tour, we stow our gear, do a welcome, quick change to cooler attire, due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, and we are back topside raising the sails. Captain Frank courteously asks us what we would like to see, and we answer that we will leave that to him.
        He carefully surveys the conditions, mentions that an east wind is present, and selects a course that offered us spectacular panoramas of our home state's rocky coast and offshore islands. First the inactive, Southern Light Station, then the islands Mosquito, Metinic and Monhegan. Doreen politely serves us subs, chips and colas for lunch. The  auto-pilot is on. We eat. Nice, thank you.
        After our first starboard tack, LouAnn takes the helm with a huge, beaming smile, saying it brings back pleasant memories from her childhood, aboard her grandparents yacht, Bambi!   Carefully, I capture the moment on both film and video, priceless treasures. She takes a course, Heading 060, for Two Bush Island Light. This is Two Bush Channel. APHRODITE’s speed: 3.7 knots. Very light east wind, swells 1 to 3 feet. Doreen takes the helm in relief, same heading, she searches for wind, her best speed is 4.1 knots. We watch as some lobster men tend their traps, the birds hovering, hoping to take advantage of them changing bait. Our feelings of euphoria, total relaxation, yet exhilaration, cause us to wonder why did we not do this sooner?
        Alas, as we near Two Bush Light, the time has come for us to change course and return to Long Cove. As the sun sets beautifully we prepare dinner on board. Thank God and our hosts for barbecued steaks, steamed twin lobsters, veggies, salads and bread, we toast with fine wine, to friendship, fair wind and calm seas.
        We highly recommend Goddess of the Sea Cruises to anyone who likes the ocean. We were impressed with the personal touch and intimate atmosphere of the entire experience, as well as the Captain and his vessel. Captain Frank, you're an adept sailor and your APHRODITE is meticulously maintained.  Many thanks to you and Doreen for sharing with us, an absolutely wonderful sailing adventure that we would love to repeat with you in the near future.
LouAnn and Michael Lindie
7 Miller street
Benton, ME. 04901

September 24

        Tuesday morning started out cloudy, but at least it wasn't raining. Didn't matter because we were going sailing! We met with Captain Frank, stowed our gear and headed out for open water. Light winds and lobster pots didn't bother us because we were sailing! Passing the artist's house on our way to see the seals, I battled a slight case of motion sickness, (sorry honey), but that was OK, because we are sailing! The skies are clear, and the wind picked up, now we are REALLY sailing! It just doesn't get any better than this. We made our way to the mooring where we enjoyed a bottle of wine, (or two), tuna steaks on the grill, (olive oil, salt and freshly cracked pepper), good music and great conversations with Captain Frank. Now this is sailing!
        Sleeping in the forward cabin with the hatch wide open and watching the stars was outstanding. We awoke to a beautiful clear morning, good coffee, hot oatmeal and a glorious view. The worst part was ending our cruise. Thanks for everything Captain Frank, you made us feel so welcome! I will be e-mailing you for sailing advice.

Jim DeNova, Blaitham, NJ
Nicole Mattese, Mt. Bethel, PA

September 4 & 5, 2002

Captain Frank,
        Thanks for two exilerating days of sailing. We made it to 7 knots each day. Seeing the eagles in Seal Cove was a real treat! The lobster dinner was spectacular. You have been a great host, Captain, sailing instructor, (thanks for your patience), cook, dishwasher, and innkeeper. Russel appreciated his birthday pancakes, too!


Susan, Russel & Jake Bartolomew,
Alberquerque, NM

Monday, Oct. 7, 2002
Captain Frank,

    Lisa and I had a wonderful time, and it is too bad our late arrival to meet you shortened our trip. No sea life other than birds to be seen today, but the water was nice and we had a nice smooth sail.
    The twin lobsters were fantastic, as was the rest of the food. You were a tremendous sport for firing up the dingy and going on a beer run at the last moment!
    It was surreal listening to the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears on a sailboat off the coast of Maine. It was an experience I will always remember.
( You are thinking these Wisconsin folks sure can put away the beer. Sorry to keep you up so late.)
    The weather this morning is gorgeous, a perfect fall day! Thanks for a fabulous dinner, a great breakfast, excellent company and a wonderful addition to our honeymoon experience.

Best of luck in the future,
Fair winds & following seas,
Jeff Severson & Lisa Hemmersbach,
Sparta, Wisconsin

October 6, 2002

MaryLee, MaryJoe and Charlie went for a 7 hour cruise on a fine sunny, calm day! It was lovely! The seals frolicked in the water. The loons and seagulls looped in the sky, and MaryJoe was the only one to see a whale! It was a beautiful day and the land lubbers were glad to have had no instances of sea sickness! Thanks so much for a wonderful day!

Lee, Joe & Charlie

October 5, 2002
Captain Frank,
        Just wanted to take the time to thank you for a great day of sailing on Oct. 5th.  As we were driving up we weren't sure if the sky was going to provide us with good sailing weather.  But as it turned out the skies cleared up and we were able to enjoy an adventurous day of sailing!  You helped us get a great idea of what sailing entails. Since that day I am now very interested in taking lessons to gain sailing skills as you showed us.
Thank you again Captain Frank!  Wally and I appreciated every minute of it!

Suzanne   (via e-mail)

October 3, 2002
Captain Frank,
        Loved it!
                Loved it!
                        Loved it! The best sailing ever - thanks for the great day we had.
Becky Wertenberger
Overland Park, Ks

 Captain Frank,
        The sailing was great! Though the beginning was a tad dreary, the day ended spectacularly! It was fabulous. I found a little adventure, and the company was fun.
Kate Axtel
Houston, Tx

Had a great time. Thanks for letting me pilot the boat, Captain Frank!
Kevin H.
Overland Park, Ks

October 2, 2002
Captain Frank,
        Thanks for your hospitality, the great sailing adventure, and great food. We really lucked out on the weather, and the whale sightings.
Thanks so much, we had a great time.
Doreen, the roasted vegetables were great, thanks!

Shana & Ryan Zahner
Sacramento, CA

September 14, 2002

After a very chilly day of sailing, we've moored for the night. We had a beautiful clear day for sailing. There were, of course, many lobster boats and just a handful of other sailboats. We had a very brief dolphin sighting and did see several seals swimming.
Jeff seemed so content and happy to be back sailing. I, having never sailed anything larger than a very small boat, was a little shaky at the helm though I regained my sea legs soon thereafter.
We will soon dine on steak and lobster and other goodies. The sun sets earlier here than at home, Cape Cod, and fall is definitely imminent. We very much enjoyed listening to "Islands", the musical about  Maine's North Haven Island. It must be a special place to inspire a musical.
Thank you, Captain Frank for a great escape! The food was wonderful, as was the voyage.

Daniella Defilippo and Jeff Garran
Cape Cod, MA

September 9, 10 and 11, 2002

Set sail from Tenants Harbor with Captain Frank on a 3 day adventure throughout the Islands off the coast of Maine. The wind was light, but the sailing was excellent. We sailed throughout the Islands past North Haven and onto the coves of Vinalhaven where we stopped at Seal Cove. As we entered the cove, we encountered an eagle, (a baby, Captain Frank said), sitting in a tree, welcoming our arrival. We watched in awe, as the eagle perched for 30 minutes. While we were out to sea, we also spotted a dolphin and a whale, who only came up for a brief time, to let us know he was there!

For dinner, we each had 2 lobsters, and went topside to watch the stars, which was totally worth the trip - this was an awesome sight! I do not know what time it was, as I removed my watch, but we eventually retired to our forward cabin. I am told I was snoring, but was not awake to experience it, so I think it's "A Sailor's Tale".

Woke up this morning in Seal Cove, which is protected by land on 3 sides. An osprey was mad about something - he probably didn't get fed this morning yet, he is probably waiting for some fresh fruit from us. Sorry bird! It is very sunny today, but not as windy. I am going topside now, to see what is going on.

We had a great sail today! We were on a course back to Tenant's Harbor, and we saw 2 whales, a large one and a small one - possibly mommy and baby! We also spotted dolphins and seals!

Charlene and I both took turns at the tiller, (steering), and it was great! We were heeling, (real sailing!), and this has been our greatest adventure yet! We also learned the importance of consulting the tide charts before mooring for a quick shower. And tonight we had a delicious dinner of filet mignon at 10:30 PM, don't ask why!!!

We went to sleep at midnight, and we were awoke at 4 AM to sounds from above. Charlene thought we were being boarded by pirates, but it was Captain Frank walking topside, to fend off the dingy from bumping the Aphrodite. Ever Vigilant!

We will be going to Metinic Green Island today to see the seals - we hope they are expecting us.
Joe and Charlene Guerra

September 8, 2002

Cap'n Frank, (the good Captain), an able bodied seaman, detailed instructor, good cook and instant friend. Despite my overactive imagination, you managed to instill some fundamental sailing facts into my thick head. I will now and forever more remember to turn into the eye of the wind when coming about! This was a very comprehensive introduction for a would be sailor, for which Laurie and I are very grateful.
Great weather, a variety of conditions to experience and learn from, and seals, as well! Thanks for all the help with the knots and the great dinner service. We ate like kings! It was great fun great fun watching Thomaston getting sucked up by aliens as we both caught a case of Saturday Night Fever! Please post a picture of you on the web site with your full disco outfit on. Next trip, breakdancing!
To come about, "just push away", will never be uttered again. I will just turn the bow into the eye of the wind.
Wonderful trip that will enable us to perhaps fulfill a dream, or something like that!

May God bless your future endeavers, as you grow your business and believe for that larger boat!

Chris Chalifoux and Laurie Weigerf

August 21-23, 2002
Day 1
         What a perfect day; perfect temperature, flat seas, light wind. A great day to start our trip. Hopefully more wind tomorrow. Today was capped off with the best, sweetest lobster I ever tasted. Seal Cove is a beautiful spot. Can life get any better than this?

Day 2
        Be careful what you hope for; today we have brisk winds and lumpy seas. Captain Frank has impressed us with his competence and experience. We made it safely to our original planned destination, a little wet, a little cold, and a little tired. We then settled back for a scrumptious bacon wrapped filet mignon dinner. What a contrast from yesterday. From light winds ghosting along, to double reefed mainsail and reefed jib sailing. Again, can life be any better than this?

Day 3
        The best day sailing; nice winds, flat seas. Not only was this the most fun I have had in a long time, it was also very educational. Captain Frank is a great teacher. I am now a better sailor.

In summary, this was a fabulous vacation! Captain Frank is not a bad cook! Great pancakes, also!

Fair winds, smooth seas,
Tom Bernacki

Captain Frank:
        This was a great experience for me, because I came wanting to learn how to sail. Captain Frank was more than willing to to let us sit back and relax, but was also willing to let us try a little sailing ourselves. I figure as long as the boat did not explode, he must have taught me something right.
        Only because of Captain Frank could I answer my lifelong question: Is there someway I could prepare my bacon in 40 seconds. Amazingly, the answer is yes!
It has been a truly great experience and has encouraged me to dream of having a boat of my own someday. That way, I can give the orders to safely run the boat.

Steve Bernacki
PS: Great pancakes :-)

August 12 & 13, 2002

    This was our honeymoon and it was wonderful! Talk about relaxing. I don't think I have taken so many naps in a long time. Although the wind was light, we still had a great time sailing around! We spotted seals and dolphins both days!

Although Captain Frank was concerned about the amount of beer were brought along, all turned out well. Greg had a particularly good time bringing back childhood memories of sailing with his buddy and his buddy's dad.

Dinner was delectable, of course, and will definitly dine on softshell lobster from now on! Yummy!

Thanks again Captain Frank, and good luck with your "Betty Hunt"

Heather and Greg Bergeron
Merrimack, NH

August 11, 2002

Dear Captain Frank,
        Anne and I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with you, sailing and at anchor! I am sure the lobsters did not feel a thing! You were right, the weather certainly cooperated, and, as much as would like to take credit for picking the day and the weather, we most assuredly lucked into it!
After dinner: Now I can comment on dinner. That was the best lobster, two of them, that I ever had, and promise to ask for soft shell lobster the next time I order it. I already know that none will compare the the four lobsters you cooked and served Anne and I.
Thank you so much for showing us such a wonderful part of coastal Maine!

Tom Rodgers and Anne Dreper
Boothwyn, Pa.

August 10, 2002

Captain Frank,
        Your knowledge of sailing, and hospitality are superb. Larissa and I had a wonderful day of sailing and relaxation on the water. Thank you for sharing Maine's beauty with us. Best of luck in growing your business!

Seth and Larissa

August 9, 2002

We had a great day. We saw a bunch of seals and Captain Frank told us tons of stories while Bill slept on the bow. The weather was great. Kara forgot her sun tan lotion. I got to steer the boat, it was really cool! It was an excellent and superb trip.
Thanks from all of us,
Mark, Bill, Kara and Carrie, from Massachusetts

August 9, 2002

Captain Frank
        We had the sun out all day with great wind. We sailed the boat up to 7 knots as we cruised by the slower boats! The experience couldn't have been better. A great sail with awesome weather and an amazing meal with twice baked potatoes! It dosn't get any better than that. But of course we were even lucky enough to play Trivial Pursuit, and I still think the Captain knows the answers too well!
        Thank you for a wonderful sail with good tunes and a great meal. I wish you the best of luck wityh your new boat and if you need a hospitable crew member that loves to sail and can cook, give me a holler, it would be fun!

Kara Dudman
Sugarloaf, Me

And always remember: "I'd rather be on my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with my boat on the rocks", and "a flat boat is a happy boat" :-)

August 6&7, 2002

        First day out was big and blustery, with a rolling sea and changing weather, a reminder that we are on the coast of Maine where all things are as they should be and subject to change without notice. Our Captain, Frank, keeps us on course and "on our toes", with a new sailing vocabulary.
On our first pass the seals on the south east end of Metinic Green Island are swimming and sunning. We had a day of pure relaxation-experiencing the wonders of these waters. We spent a calm evening and over night anchored in Long Cove. What a dinner-prepared on board by our personal master chef-Captain Frank!
         Day two Walt "jumps ship", and photographs us as we sail past Marshall Point Lighthouse, then I sailed away with the Captain. It was a perfect day with wind, sun and big seas. I learned many new sailing terms: wing and wing, wisker pole, and aye-aye! My favorites: sound is water lapping on the side of the boat, sails full and all the way out, sailing down wind, and coming into port with the sound of the bell bouy.
        No words or photographs can describe the pure joy of this sailing trip! I hope our photos come out half as good as this sailing adventure!
Many thanks to our new friend, Captain Frank

Donna Norquist and Walt Dickson

July 30 & 31, 2002

        I don't know if Captain Frank realized what he was getting into with us cheese heads from Wisconsin. The trip almost started with some icky weather. We did not know what degree of icky would prevent us from sailing, but we prepared for the time of our lives by purchasing rain poncho's. Ends up we did not need them at all! The weather did a complete change, and the start of our 2 day breathtaking trip began! Not a lot of wind the first day, but what did we know? We were in heaven!!! We were lucky enough to see some dolphins, seals, and some of the most beautiful scenery ever. We sailed into seal cove, and happy hour began!
        I did not think we could top day one, but Captain Frank told us all along, "wait till the wind pipes up". On day 2, good wind most of the day! Sweet!! Nothing like it. We got to see the man in action. He was like a kid in a candy store, as we sailed and tacked our way through the Fox Island Thorofare amongst all the moored boats. He referred to it as sailing skill. I say it was very exciting watching his boat handling skills. He was in total control as we sailed between all the moored boats. We sailed the rest of the day, winding down our adventure that will now hopefully be a regular trip for us. Thanks for an unforgettable 2 day experience, shipmate. I hope our greenness of sailing didn't burden you. Not only are you a true sailor, but a true human being and that's what made it all the better.

Your new friends,
Dennis and Hillary

July 29, 2002
        Great trip! Total fog in the beginning, but Captain Frank stayed calm, and the fog cleared and he managed to give us a great trip. We reached speeds of 7.3 knots!
Barry, Tristan & Ian Littlefield

July 25, 2002

        Wow! We were able to experience a breaking of your previous speed record of 7.3 knots, with 7.6 knots yesterday. It was amazing to be out on the seas, experiencing the winds and the swells, and watch Captain Frank "in action". Due to all the wind and swells, he was not able to rest much until we arrived in Long Cove. Again, he made his utmost efforts to make this the fulfilling experience it has been! We dingied about in search of eagles, alas, none to be found. Back to the Aphrodite for relaxation, music, wine, and dinner - the "best ever"! Maine lobster! He did not even get uptight when I exploded my lobster claw on his face and the wall.
This has been a treat that my husband Randy and I have been looking forward to for quite some time.
Good luck to you, Captain Frank-
May all your dreams come true, and soon!

Allison and Andy Mabry
Kingston Springs, TN
(near Nashville)

July 18, 19 & 20, 2002

         We came to sail, but the weather had other plans for us. Day one, very light wind. Day two, slightly more. We will see what tomorrow brings us. I learned how to read a chart, plot a course, and use the global positioning system. We saw puffins & dolphins, and tomorrow a seal colony. The lobster and filet mignon were superb. On day three, the wind came and our average sailing speed was over 5 knots! Fantastic! We loved it! We are hooked! Sailing will be part of our lives forever. Thank you for sharing you wealth of knowledge with us.

Sincerely grateful,
Dr. Mark & Kathy Daigle

July 12, 13 & 14, 2002

Dear Captain Frank,
        This was a wonderful way to turn 50 years old. Sailing has been a distant dream for a long time. After this graceful experience, I am even more able to see the realization of our dream coming true of living on a sailboat! Being blessed with awesome weather, seeing dolphins and eagles was a very extra special treat.
        The food was wonderful and helped me realize we won't have to live on freeze dried food like we did while camping. I truly hope your plans for a bigger boat come through for you. Make sure you see the movie, " What Dreams May Come", so you will understand better some of the topics we talked about.
        Thanks for asking me to take the helm when leaving Duck Harbor on Isle Au Haut. By doing so, I learned I have a lot to learn, but I am looking forward to it.
What a beautiful 3 days we had, and may you have a successful summer.

Terri & Bill Smith
Nantucket, Ma.
(PS. We will talk with you on the web)

July 11-12, 2002

Dear Captain Frank,
        From beginning to end, "good to the last drop"! A handsome young man greeted us with a friendly, "Hi Jacqi and happy birthday Jack"! It was Captain Frank, an auspicious beginning for a truly lovely day. We sailed to Monhegan Island and other places on Maine's rockbound coast, admired the beauty of nature, and relaxed under the fine seamanship of Captain Frank. We even got to take the helm! Talk about senior moments! He is ever patient and courteous.
        We had good winds and a partly sunny sky, luck was with us. We sailed back to Tenants Harbor with just a short use of his efficient engine. We had a little difficulty picking up the mooring line, as a lobster boat passed and created a wake.
This was followed by a special trip by dingy around the local Islands - a close up of  all the granite and beautiful trees that make us glad we are residents of Maine!
        We then settled down for cocktail time. This whole wonderful trip was a gift from our children for Jack's 75th birthday celebration - and what a special treat it has been! We ate like gluttons, as Frank turned out to be a good cook as well as seaman extraordinaire - lobster with melted butter, fresh tossed salad, yummy Italian dill bread, corn on the cob, and a delicious NY cheesecake for dessert with strawberry preserves & chocolate topping.
        We slept well with the boats gentle rocking and and fresh air coming from the forward hatch. In the morning, I felt like I looked like the "Wreck of the Hesperus", but Captain Frank made me feel like a princess. Captain Frank, we wish you the best of luck with your expansion plans, I am sure it will all "come about", how can it not?
Thank you for a very relaxed and educational sailing adventure, one of our nicest experiences ever!

Best wishes always,
Jack & Jacqi Barr

July 8-9, 2002

Dear Captain Frank,
        Master Chief & I enjoyed every minute of our 2 day sail! We saw several lighthouses, a colony of seals, and also a dolphin. This was our first sailboat ride and it was great. We will be telling all our friends about your "Goddess of the Sea Cruises". It was very relaxing, just sailing and not having any agenda to follow. Our steak and lobster dinner was delicious. Hope to sail with you again, soon.

Paul & Debbie Patterson
Canton, Ohio

July 5-7,  2002

1445: We are sailing on a downwind run from Burnt Island and Allen Island towards Two Bush Island Light. Having put over 75 miles on the knot log since 1130 on July 5 when we departed the pier at the East Wind Inn. Day one and three we had speeds constantly at 6 knots or better, today, on a downwind run with whisker pole deployed!

Day two: Great wind in the morning through early afternoon, then puffy and variable on last layline to Matinicus and Criehaven Harbor on Ragged Island.

For an avid hobby sailor, aboard my vessel, a Cape Dory 25, hull # 168, named “Testost Alone”, home port of Lake Norman, Charlotte, NC, this adventure has been a soul enriching experience. The very sweetest and most appreciated 40th birthday gift that my beautiful bride of nine years could have given me.

After proving my competence at the helm and sail trimming, Captain Frank let go Aphrodite's control, and presented me with total control of her sheets and helm. With hands on lessons in chart navigation and his knowledge of local waters, no troubles ever found us. Our nearest disasters being the 3 lobster pots snagged on the second day, apparently a record tying feat.
We were environmentally safe and friendly, using the motor for less than 40 minutes the entire day trip.

There aren't words to adequately capture the luxury of 3 days and 2 nights at sea, sailing with Frank on the Aphrodite. Having advised him that his pricing could be doubled, I am hoping my next trip will be at a discount for repeat customers.

My best wishes and warmest thanks to Captain Frank P. Grande and the good ship Aphrodite, may they sail in safety and harmony, with one another for years to come!

Thanks for a pleasant day sail that will be a cherished memory for a lifetime. I hope to return with Kim in tow next time.

Alan J. Bartnik

July 4, 2002
Dear Captain Frank,
        We had a most relaxed and peaceful sailing trip on the 4th of July. Peace and relaxation is what America needs during these trying times, and you offer it in this little piece of paradise, the Goddess of the Sea Cruises! We are looking forward to your new sailboat and winter sailing in Florida. Have a great summer.
Thanks for all the special touches!

Nilza and Tomas Kallas,
Coral Gables, FL

July 2, 2002
Captain Frank:

     Thank you for a wonderful day! I had an awesome time and really learned a lot. I have always wanted to sail, but never had the opportunity. Because of you, I can now say I have been sailing on the beautiful coast of Maine. It was an honor to take the helm of the Aphrodite. The weather was perfect and I am looking forward to another trip. It was definitely one of my best days to remember.

Thank you again,
Augusta, Maine

June 21, 2002

Captain Frank
    We are so glad we came sailing on Friday, June 21st, our 22nd anniversary. The weather was phenomenal, and we even had a little adventure, returning to the dock where the lobster pot was left. We sure would have missed that! It was great to see a seal, and having the real scoop about lobstering. Thanks for a glorious sailing day and hitting 7 knots of speed a few times! Excellent soft shell lobsters for dinner! Best wishes for seeking the bigger boat you desire, in the future.
Thanks again,

Tom Hibschman & Clare Rogers

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Captain Frank;
     What a great sail for us first timers. We're so glad the weather was good and the water pretty calm. Thanks so much for the sailing lessons. We will try to remember as much as we can! There's nothing like going forward and sitting under the sun and sailing at 6 knots! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Sara Mather
Clio, MI

Captain Frank, TW,
Thanks for putting up with us city folk. It was an awesome day.
The Aphrodite put the “A”, in Maine!
A limerick for you:
Captain Frank
I'm glad we didn't sank
Or made us walk the plank
All we have left to say is ….. Thank (s)  :-)

Erin Atbrough
Ann Arbor, MI
(Go Blue)

June 10 & 11, 2002

Captain Frank,
        Day 1: (Karlene) We have perfect sailing weather! We just started our trip and sighted a dolphin and a seal. This is our 40th wedding anniversary and we love the water so this cruise is perfect for us. We love sailing or boating of any kind. Captain Frank, you are a great host and very comfortable to be with. We felt like we are sailing with a friend!
        Day 2: (Richard) Got my chance to pilot the boat yesterday and enjoyed it very much. It was great to be able to meet someone for the first time and feel so comfortable. We were cut short by the weather, but we will be back!

Richard & Karlene Joyal
Haverhill, MA
Otisfield, ME

June 7, 2002

Dear Captain Frank,
         Gerald and I had splendid time sailing with you on the Aphrodite.  Thank you so much for the photos.  This was our first experience with sailing and you made it interesting, informative, and fun. This trip was to celebrate our 21st anniversary. This was the best anniversary that I ever had. A completely awesome adventure. I hope to do this again soon, hopefully in warmer weather. We both were tickled to get to see a whale. The wine and the lobster dinner helped to make the event memorable. I would recommend a trip with Captain Frank to anyone. Thank you so much for making our 21st anniversary special.
Tammy and Gerald Dodson.

July 14, 2001

Captain Frank,
          If you had to sit down and design a perfect day of sailing it would look exactly like the day we had on board the Aphrodite! The Goddess of the Sea smiled upon us with perfect winds, skies, temperatures and seas! And what great company Captain Frank is! Now we are full of lobster and all the trimmings, starting to stare blankly into space and say, “do we really have to go back to work?” Thanks for sharing your lore of the sea and the sailing instruction. (Paula)

        Great sailing experience! It was very peaceful, serene and fun! Had a great time, relieved all of my stress and tension. It was fun sailing with the dolphins and seals. Lobster dinner on the float was delicious. First time for soft-shell lobster, wonderful! Good, stimulating conversation, unfortunately we did not solve the problems of the world. This cruise answered our question: should we retire on a sailboat and cruise the world? Look out world, here we come! (John)

John & Paula McRell

July 20-21, 2001

Captain Frank,
        Fantastic voyage, Aye! Great weather, sunshine and smooth seas. What else could we ask for? Oh, great company and food, also! After 3 days of hiking on Monhegan Island, this cruise was the relaxation we needed. Our first ocean sail was everything we expected, and more! Thank you for the great experience and sailing lessons, I learned a lot. We hope to get the opportunity to do it again! Let me know when you get to Florida or the Bahamas.

Rick & Miriam
Cincinnati, OH

July 7, 8 & 9, 2000

        A man who has found his true passion in life is a rarity. A man acting on that passion is rarer still. I can not imagine having my first ocean going sailing adventure with anyone but Captain Frank. He is truly a man who is meant to be sailing and teaching others how to sail all the days of his life. An endless well of patience, long years of sailing and teaching, and the way he still “lights up” when the wind freshens, ensures great sailing regardless of the weather and sea state. Captain Frank and the “Aphrodite” delivered on all promises.

        We saw dolphins, actually heard them first, because they were so close. In a moderate breeze and calm seas we were able to crank it up to almost 8 knots. We outran a squall and were treated to a double rainbow for our efforts. Davetta, a city girl through and through, who has always had a deep water phobia, was so filled with the spirit of adventure, that she dove right in the deep dark Atlantic Ocean while at anchor in Long Cove.

We can hardly wait until Captain Frank expands his operation into St. Augustine, Florida. We will definitely come down for a longer adventure!

Authentically Yours,
John & Davetta Thacher

July 13, 2000

    For my 50th birthday I asked my family for “sailing lessons on the ocean”. Captain Frank & Goddess of the Sea Cruises appeared out of my daughter's research and here I am. I spent 2 separate days learning about the Aphrodite as well as sailing terms, navigation, safety, courtesy, and, of course, sailing.

    Today was a perfect day with great winds, variable seas and Captain Frank taught me so much and allowed me the helm for the day. What an experience!

    For all of you would be sailors, Captain Frank exudes the “spirit” of sailing more than anyone I've met in all my days. This was a unique opportunity to learn hands-on with an expert! I will be back – Captain Frank has the gift of teaching and is a “kindred spirit under sail.”

Charles Burns, MD
Auburn, Maine

September 24, 1998

  You know they say we New Yorkers are demanding and have high expectations.  Its true, especially when it comes to our precious vacations. Captain Frank and the Aphrodite exceeded our wildest expectations. I was very impressed right from the start with the care taken to explain the safety features of the ship and make sure we were familiar with them. Captain Frank was also careful to assess our sailing ability.

It eased the entire trip knowing that Captain Frank was as concerned with our families well being as I am. From there, everything was perfect. Two crisp fall days with lots of wind in the sails and beautiful cruising territory the sailing was exhilarating. Lynn and I both learned a tremendous amount and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Frank is a pleasure to cruise with, personable with a trove of interesting stories.

We look forward to sailing with Goddess of the Sea Cruises again - and hope Chief
can escort us next time. Thank you for a wonderful time.

 Lee & Lynn Trimble

August 26, 27 & 28, 2000

How lucky we were to have 3 beautiful days on the Aphrodite with Captain Frank! Great sailing, superb food, wonderful company and conversation! Frank does wonders with the limits of a 25' sailboat, really amazing.

Seal Cove on Vinalhaven was a perfect spot to anchor overnight. We enjoyed our visit ashore on North Haven. Day 2 we achieved our goal of circumnavigating Isle Au Haute with an overnight anchorage in Duck Harbor. We awoke to a most perfect day! We all, (Ken, Wendy, Don and Mary), will long remember our wonderful cruise with Captain Frank.

Ken Schweikert.
Blue Hill, Maine

The bottle of Vigna Maggio '92 Chianti Classico and grilled filet mignon were a perfect combination. This was a very merry Christmas present!

Wendy Schweikert,
Blue Hill, Maine

We second all of the above,
Don and Mary Schweikert,
New Jersey

July 23-25, 2001 3 day sail

Captain & Chef Frank,
          Nice cruise, great sailing, marvelous weather, great boat. Best lobster ever! As like with many other first timers, we were very apprehensive about this trip. Our concerns were quickly diminished, our experience was wonderful! We look forward to visiting the “Floating Resort in Long Cove” again and of course sailing on the Aphrodite.

Drs. Kelly & Goldberger,
Newtown, PA  (Philly)

July 26-28, 2001, 3 day sail

Dear Captain Frank,
          Dennis and I thank you for sharing your passion for sailing, your dreams and your knowledge with us. Our trip was made all the more memorable and intimate by our time spent with you!

Fond regards,
Dennis Pate & Jessica Burger
Senior Vice President and General Curator,
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, Ill

July 29, 2001

Captain Frank:
        My first experience on a sailboat could not have been a more pleasurable one. The weather in the 70’s, Sunny, winds moderate, doing 5.5 knots. Your hospitality, knowledge, and conversation on sailing has more than met my expectations. When my husband told me he had chartered a boat for a day sail on our vacation, I was not too sure. But once again he has opened my eyes with your help, to how much pleasure one could have at sea. We will return.

Thanks Captain Frank,
Laurie & Jim Seavey,
Davis, NH

July 30 – August 2, 2001

        Day 1 with Captain Frank was beautiful! Sunny, warm, blue skies with light winds. We navigated through lobster pot city, saw dolphins, seals at Metinic Green Island and spotted a whale from a distance! (good eye, Matt). Captain Frank, (also known as “CF”, taught us to raise the mainsail, unfurl and trim the genoa jib, take the helm, and everything else.
Dinner was a feast. Two lobsters each, fresh corn on the cob, salad and dinner rolls. Delicious.
        Day 2, we left Tenants Harbor under sunny skies. However, very little wind, so we motored to Duck Harbor in Isle Au Haut. We passed by Two Bush Light and Saddleback Light along the way. We spent the afternoon hiking on Isle Au Haut. Enjoyed delicious filet mignon steaks and baked potato grilled on the boat.
        Day 3 we weighed anchor in Duck harbor and Vinalhaven and Northhaven via the Fox Island Thoroughfare, and saw another whale. We stopped on Northaven for lunch and ice cream. Next we headed to Rockland for dinner, showers and the Lobster Festival. On the way, the wind picked up and we were able to raise the sails. Very nice winds allowed us to cruise at 5.5 knots! Lobster Festival in Rockland, drove to Camden for a room.
        Day 4 was yet another sunny warm day. How lucky we were with the weather. Decided to cut our trip short and visit some of the coastal towns on foot and by car. Currently motoring back to the float at Tenants Harbor.

Erin and Mike Dunphy, Matt and Geneen Gore.

August 4, 2001

What a relaxing sailing experience! The fog rolled in before we arrived and remained a good part of the day. It did finally dissipate and we had an opportunity to view the beautiful Maine coastline. Captain Frank had a great deal of patience with new sailors ~ answering our questions, offering sailing lessons, and encouraging us to try our hand at sailing. This Captain is certainly the “host with the most”. The meals were delicious and he was great company!

Thank you Captain,
Tom & Joan Renaud
Merrimack, NH

August 6-7, 2001

In a word – phenomenal! We couldn't have ever expected to have such a terrific time. The weather was beautiful, though a bit foggy at times. Captain Frank was great at giving us pointers, sailing lessons and knots 101. John loved taking a hand at the helm and we were getting pretty good at “coming about”. Monday we sailed around Metinic and Metinic Green, sailed faster than another sailboat, and hit a record speed of 6.3 knots!

What an amazing birthday feast of champagne and lobster on the Aphrodite’s “floating club house”. We loved the views from the upper deck! I am sure it will be a birthday I will remember for years to come.
Tuesday we sailed to Matinicus & hit 6.3 knots again with John at the helm. Another terrific day on the water!

Thanks Captain Frank for a trip we'll never forget! Hope we will see you at our pig roast Sept. 1st.

All the best,
Elaine and John Keogh
Billerica, MA

August 17, 2001

Having been away from sailing for almost 20 years, you renewed my love and passion for catching the wind in the sails. Sailing is an unmatched experience and Captain Frank helped to bring it to life. You have a true love for the sea, and the boat which is infectious to those sailing with you. My son, Sam, and I appreciated your patience especially for Sam since it was his first sailing experience. Although the wind did not cooperate all the time, our spirits remained high and we enjoyed challenging you to a game of Trivial Pursuit. This was a good trip for Sam and I, as we had quality time together to share a new experience and to bond. Thanks for letting us share your world and your dreams and inspirations for the future. We think your “float” is a “Treasure Island”.

Take care and good sailing,
Ray & Sam Uhlhorn,

August 19, 2001

Eagles, loons & seals within the tranquility of Maine! There is no place better to experience the finer points of living than on this 2 day adventure on the Aphrodite with Captain Frank.
We could not have had better weather, wind or sailing. The Island excursion was adventurous, and the dingy ride around Long Cove wonderful. We had the best 2 days I can remember and we want to thank you for being such a gracious host. Lets not forget to mention a great lobster dinner and a starlit discussion about the milky  way on top of the very special “upper deck”.

Best of luck – see you on the web site !!
Stephen & Suzanne Farrell
Stow, MA

August 24, 2001

Captain Frank,
     It was a fantastic trip. Haven't been this relaxed in ages. The food and conversation was very enjoyable. Dream high and expect it to happen.

Jan & Andy Dudash
Canal Winchester, OH

August 25, 2001

We could not have asked for a more picture perfect day to sail! After a brief rain shower, the sun broke through and continued to shine the whole day. Winds were mostly steady and we even reached 6.1 knots twice! We were given the opportunity to take the helm and experience the joys of sailing, first hand. After tying off to the float, we ate, drank and had a wonderful evening in the cool night air. Thanks so much Captain Frank for a wonderful adventure and a dream vacation come true!

Doug and Karen Melvin
Blackstone, MA

August 26-30, 2001

Wow! What an incredible adventure we had. We experienced all kinds of weather from a steady wind to light wind, to an incredible sail out of the Fox Island Thoroughfare. We even had a personal tour of Owls Head Light and Marshal Point Light. My favorite part was taking a nap topside while the Aphrodite sailed along on smooth seas. A memorable part of our adventure was the casual conversation, great food, story telling, and getting to know a good friend for life.
Although I might not be too nautical, my favorite terms would have to be, “ Stand by for heavy rolls”, and, “Good drainage”.  My goal was to relax and feel no stress, and I can certainly say it worked.   (written by Donna)

I second all of the above and hope to one day quit the 8:00 to 5:00 and live on the water. This great trip has confirmed my feelings, and moved my timetable forward. – Dirty “D”

Dirk & Donna Kooiker,
Columbus, Ohio

September 3, 2001

This cruise was a very memorable experience. I am sure we will continue to have conversations about this adventure not only between ourselves, in the near and distant future.

Pam & Jim Pyc

September 7, 2001

Carol and I thought a day sail would complete our summer. She selected The East Wind Inn and I independently spoke to a parent in Carlise, PA of our idea. They referred me to Captain Frank. This has been a most enjoyable experience! The boat, Captain and host, made it all possible. His hospitality, experience, a relaxed friendly atmosphere and affordability, all combined for a wonderful experience. I recommend this to anyone who likes the water!

Ken & Carol Guistwaite,
Carlisle, PA

September 8&9, 2001

Captain Frank,
 Thanks for an extremely memorable weekend of sailing. You made our 22nd anniversary an exciting adventure for a couple of city slickers. In spite of an unpredictable wind, the clear skies made the days seem like we were in another world, miles from the pressures of our everyday lives.
 This was our first visit to Maine and it wont be our last. It was also our first sailing experience, and likewise, hopefully not the last. We wish you years of smooth sailing, and may the wind always be at your back.

Clint and Louisa VanRoekel,
Springfield, Illinois

September 10, 2001

Captain Frank,
         Thank you for an outstanding and memorable day. Although I was a bit afraid of the fog, you turned the day into a wonderful time on the ocean. You are a good Captain, chef and host!

Thank you again,
Bill & Ursula

September 23, 2001

         Thank you so much for a delightful day of sailing. I never thought I would see so much different weather in the course of an afternoon. You are not only a great Captain, but a charming seaman. The stories, the boat, the instruction and your floating island all contributed to a make a perfect day! Thank you again and good luck!

Galveston, TX

September 23, 2001

         Thank you for my first sailing adventure! I found the day very enjoyable, even though the weather was damp and foggy. It was a nice change from the heat of Texas. At first I was apprehensive about an ocean adventure, but look forward to trying it again.

Thank you,
Bonnie Young, Galveston, TX

Oct. 4, 2001

         Thank you for a wonderful time! I really enjoyed the ocean sail. It is so nice to have the wind in your face. The air is so clean and fresh. Thanks for letting me steer the boat. There sure is a lot to sailing, but you make it look so easy!
         Rod and I took a lot of wonderful pictures, as there is nothing like this where we live in Arizona. What a treat you have provided for us! There is no doubt in my mind that some of the many photos we snapped will be hanging on our walls at home.
 Thank you again for a wonderful time. Next time we will spend more time with you sailing to offshore islands. Our friends are sure to hear of your great sailing trips!

With warm thoughts,

Rod & Tina

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