Goddess of the Sea Cruises, Sailing Adventures in Maine SHIPS LOG II   (Written by our guests!)
last update 11/24/02
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Oct. 1, 2001

Captain Frank,
         This will be a day Dave and I will not soon forget. To come to Maine and sail, “a first for us”, but to also learn you once lived where I was born and raised, in Ft. Worth, Texas, proves it is a small world indeed! The sights and sounds of sailing the Maine coast will not be soon forgotten. You are a great Captain and friend!

David and Carol Howell
Texarkana, Arkansas

September 25, 26 & 27, 2001

         In spite of the fog during the first day, you managed to keep us entertained and well fed. We were happy to sail in the fog with you! Mike wanted to sail and I was along for the ride. On our final and best day I took the helm and steered the boat while we were sailing at 6.8 knots.
        We have sailed on the windjammers, but this was much more personal and we learned a lot more about boats and sailing! We have a new respect for the sea, and those who spend time upon her. Thank you for making our 20th wedding anniversary special and a time we will remember. This will be added to our “do over” list!


Mike & Theresa Nadeau
Springfield, Massachusetts

August 21, 2001

    Captain Frank and I knew of each other four years, but never met until yesterday. After all the time we spent writing each other and speaking on the phone, I finally had the chance to come visit with my girlfriend to his home town in Maine. I really appreciate the kindness and hospitality he showed us.  He made feel at home, even though we were over 4,000 miles from Italy. He did not treat us as guests, but as if we were family! After a wonderful drive yesterday, followed by a good night’s sleep, went sailing.

 Although we experienced some fog in the morning, we did enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of this unforgettable coast of Maine. Now, my girlfriend and I are spending the night aboard. Tomorrow we will drive up the coast to Canada for the balance of our vacation.

 But, I am already thinking that Paola and I will really miss Frank’s kindness, his lobsters, (mmm, miss the lobsters already), and all the laughs we had together, especially when Frank tries to speak Italian “his way”. Real fun!

I thank you Frank and Doreen for your sweetness and company. I hope to see you both soon, either here in Maine, and / or in Rome, Italy.

Ciao Capitano,

Joe Vasapollo
Paola Gigli
Rome, Italy

June 30, 2001

         Thank you Captain Frank and First Mate Kevin for an enjoyable morning sail. Strong winds and high swells forced us to come back to the float for lunch. Captain Frank took us out in the dingy to explore Long Cove. There we spotted a bald eagle and watched it fly from tree to tree. We wound our back through an obstacle course of lobster pots. As I write now, our lobster dinner is steaming away and my mouth is watering!
         Thank you again for the sail. I'm sure Kevin will never forget his first time at the helm of a sailboat. Next time we'll come for the overnight sail.
Thanks and happy sailing,

June & Kevin Beck

P.S. – Thanks for the Pepsi ;-) and the sailing lesson! I have never seen Kevin smile as much as when he had the helm.

July 4th  “Reflections”

Sparks flew aboard the Aphrodite-
We made our own fire walks-
And laughed a lot and then more.
The weather cooperated and there was smooth sailing.
Guided by the school of dolphins
Frolicking in the waves
And a great Captain Frank
The sailing lessons were fun
The lobster feast was grand
The filet mignon delectable
My blood pressure lessened
My thoughts were gathered
My soul cleansed
My heart purified
My dreams simplified

If only I could stay
and hear the bells continuous ring

I looked in the water and saw my reflection
Oh how things must change!
Now to chart the course

Carlene Ashley

July 6, 2001

        Had a wonderful time sailing, beautiful weather, good wind. We got to see a whale, a dolphin and some seals. Thank you Captain Frank for a great time.

Robert Mills,

July 7, 2001

       A beautiful day, a bit windy, but better and faster sailing! Sitting here after a lobster dinner, with a glass of wine, listening to oldies and enjoying the conversations of my good friends is a real treat! The sun on my face is warm & lovely. I am looking forward to the rest of my stay with Captain Frank and my friends. No kids, phones, or TV provides a restful change of pace. Aye-

Cathy Edelstein,
Lexington, Ma

July 12, 2001

         The highlight of our trip and a memorable anniversary! The sailing was great! Thanks for answering all our questions. The lobster dinner was delicious. We will have to research those pots & buoys.

The Hendersons,
Auburn, Alabama

Sept. 1, 2000

Captain Frank,

We had a great time sailing with you! It was a wonderful experience to help
sail the Aphrodite. Thanks for a great dinner and a really fun time. Good luck with your future plans, do it while you are still young!

Holly Messier & Rob Christie

Sept. 4, 2000

Captain Frank,

Thank you for your hospitality, kindness and flexibility. You made our 3 day sailing
adventure extremely enjoyable for us. The lobster was terrific! We saw 2 dolphins, many seals and an eagle.
Thanks again,

Sherry Turner

As the days passed, sailing eased the pressures of the world. The joy of life increased. Danielle, Sherry and I have enjoyed our time with you, Captain Frank.
It was a pleasure to share time with an individual who enjoys life and work with the same breath as we do. Thanks for the time and company, it has been a great first sailing adventure. Next time we will bring more Captain Morgan's

Michael Turner

Sept. 9,2000

Captain Frank,

The best part of our trip was the smell of the ocean. The scent permeated all aspects of our lives for the wonderful 48 hours sailing with you. Right down to the terrific steamed lobster dinner in Seal Cove. What a thrill to to see a seal, a pod of dolphins and even a whale. It will be a treasured memory for years to come - extra special since we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.

Your hospitality, terrific meals, sun and wind on Penobscot Bay - Life is pretty wonderful.
Thank you!

Jay and Jan Weinberg
Princeton, New Jersey

Sept. 20, 2000

We had a great trip aboard the Aphrodite. A little fog obstructed the view but the sea air and wind in the sails made it invigorating. Being a land locked Hoosier, (that is some one from Indiana), any excursion on the water is fun!
Thank you Captain Frank - quite a knowledgeable guy !!

Nathan and Stacey Rush

Sept. 22, 2000

Captain Frank,

Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. We really enjoyed your company and the beautiful Maine coastline. Thanks for making our first day in Maine a memorable one!

Tony and Dianne Parrelli

Sept. 24, 2000

Captain Frank,

What a wonderful and different experience it was for us to be aboard the Aphrodite for Charlie's 30th birthday celebration. You provided us with an informative and interesting learning experience and whet our appetite to learn more about sailing! Dinner was wonderful, the conversations were entertaining and we will always have great memories of this weekend.
Thanks for a great experience-
We hope to be back next year-
Jennifer Johnson
Charlie Gaylord
Windsor, CT
Farmington, CT

Sept. 27, 2000

As I sit on the "Mighty Aphrodite" back in Tenants Harbor it seems impossible that the cruise can be over. Captain Frank is a wonderful host and a most gracious teacher. Our three day cruise was meant to be an exclamation point on our honeymoon, but it became the beginning of many years to come of happy sailing.
Our plans now include the purchase of a 14' - 16' sailboat of our own to put some of what Captain Frank taught us to good use. We had an excellent time and will recommend Goddess of the Sea Cruise to any one with something to celebrate.
Thank you Captain Frank for an unforgettable voyage.

With warm regards,
Jonathan and Kristine Berry

PS: Don't miss sleeping in Seal Cove.

Oct. 1, 2000

Our two day sail was a wonderful way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We saw 3 bald eagles on day one - definitely a highlight on a cold, windy day. The second day's sail brought bright blue skies and perfect sailing weather. Captain Frank shared his love of sailing and taught us much. Thank you for your gracious hospitality and your companionship.

Happy Sailing !
Ann Hoey and Steve Elgert

August 25, 2000

How amazing that more people do not take advantage of the beauty nature provides. To be on a sailboat cruising at 6 knots, enjoying the scenery, great conversation, and the tranquility of the water...
Now that's living the good life. We will enjoy this treasure often!

Shane P. Weber,
Susan Phillips,
Austin, Texas

"Captain's Log"  August 20, 21, 22, 2000

Captain Frank,
    We just finished our last dinner on the Aphrodite. We are very full and appreciate the last few days. The first day we learned the basics of sailing, and invented waving for Helaina and dad. We had an eye opening dinner, learned about soft-shell & hard-shell lobster, and enjoyed the heck out of our new favorite meal, soft-shell lobster!

The second day we spotted dolphins and about 15 seals! Four out of five of us manned the helm very well. We hope to continue with our lessons and more great experiences tomorrow, our 3rd and last day! It was a great learning experience and we hope to continue improving our sailing knowledge.

1st Mate Meaghan, (17),       Halaina, (12),        Jessica, (15)
Chas, (28th wedding anniversary)

August 19, 2000

Captain Frank,
    Rachel and I, (Mike), had a wonderful time! While I was somewhat skeptical about our going on the trip, Rachel's excitement and enthusiasm over learning to sail prevailed, and for that I am VERY grateful!

The weather was fantastic, and the opportunity to learn about sailing has peaked my interest to the point where I am sure Rachel will entice me into going on more trips. Thank you for a wonderful time and a fabulous dinner!


Mike and Rachel,

August 10, 2000

    Good sailing weather and good winds moved us across the ocean at a good clip. I must say Lee's sailing ability is not as smooth as Captain Frank's, but we had fun!
The lobster dinner was great! This was our first overnight on a sailboat. It was like being rocked to sleep by your mommy! Thanks Captain Frank for a great trip!

Lee & Betty Ivester
Hooresville, NC

August 11, 2000

    We had a glorious trip! A truly beautiful day on the ocean. Even though we're southerners, it was not too cold! Seeing the eagles was nice, the only exotic wildlife seen during our trip to Maine, and the sailing was fabulous - especially the view riding up front. This was the most anticipated part of our vacation, and we were certainly not disappointed!

Lynn & Pat Murphy,
Cordova, TN

August 14 & 15, 2000

Captain Frank,
    We all had a great time! The weather may not have been the best for getting a tan, but sailing conditions were awesome! I was psyched due to the 3-4 hours of  6 to 6.5 knots of sailing we did while I steered, it was great! I learned quite a bit about sailing, which was an added bonus to a relaxing vacation.

    Besides the record number of run over lobster pots, ( Lisa had 2 in in 5 minutes), we could not have asked for more! 4-5 eagles were spotted with much less effort than our moose hunting before we went sailing. It must be nice to be so close to all the varied wildlife you see daily.

    Thanks for everything, and you have not heard the last of us! We loved playing the game thumper, etc. We all thought the food was great. You are a good host and a fun guy! Take care, be good, and don't do anything we wouldn't do!

Sarah, Fishkill, NY     Lisa, Marshfield, MA     Kristen Healy, Hopkinton, MA

August 15 & 16, 2000

    This has been a fantastic 2 days! We've learned to sail at 6 knots, seen fantastic wildlife, (seals, eagles & wet dogs), and beautiful scenery. The food was excellent, as was the companionship!

Many Happy Voyages,
Ron & Kim

August 16, 2000

Captain Frank,
    I really had a great time sailing with you. I would love to come and join you again. I learned a lot about the seas, and you served a great meal. I enjoyed playing Trivial Pursuit during the evening. Thanks for your help & knowledge. I enjoyed being your first mate and hope to come sailing again. Thanks for everything, and I enjoyed every minute of your company.

Jackie Boucher,
Berlin, NH

July 15, 2000

    What a day! What an experience! Captain Frank, you added a wonderful touch to our honeymoon. It was better than any ordinary tourist attraction. We felt like part of the Maine coastal life. You and first mate Doreen were excellent company and a great source of history. We will pass our experience on to other folks. And Frank, marriage is a wonderful, fulfilling life.

Barb & Keith,
Mason Michigan

July 19-21, 2000

    Wow! What a great family sailing adventure we had. The lobsters and steaks were great, the scenery perfect. We enjoyed an island cove called Duck Harbor on the Island of Isle Au Haute. We are all quite lucky to have had such a wonderful experience.
Thanks for a fun and safe trip. It was fun to go over the waves while sitting on the bow and watching all the seals.

Amy, Steve, Tucker & Madelyn Jackson,
Harrisburg, VA

July 23, 2000

    Excellent Day! Our first sailing trip, and hopefully many more to come. What a lovely and exciting, fun filled day. Thank you very much Captain Frank & first mate Lisa for a wonderful, beautiful afternoon. We will be back for more. Frank, what a great ride and so much fun. It has helped me appreciate what it takes to learn the art of sailing, and how rewarding it is. Thanks for letting us sail your boat, the “Aphrodite”.

Amy & Jake Wyman,
Milford, NH

June 28, 2000

    Thank you Frank & Jason for a great sail. I think we experienced just about everything: fog, high winds, light winds, high speeds of 6.2 knots, low speeds of 3.5 knots, dolphins and seals! The sunset was magnificent, and so was the dinner. I set a new record for myself for the most lobster eaten in one sitting, 3+. We slept well, and woke up to a gorgeous morning sunrise.

Thanks again for being part of our honeymoon!
Jason and Heather Lalla

June 26, 2000

    What a great adventure! Kathy had never spent a night on a boat before, but she & John passed their 6th anniversary in grand style. Although the weather did not cooperate, we had a great time. One of my favorite activities was the dingy ride in Long Cove. We saw 2 bald eagles, but could not find the nest. We visited an Island and climbed on the rocks. Watching the waves crash on the rocks was "great". The dingy ride was memorable, thanks for a great time!

Caroline Tencza, John & Kathy

June 23, 2000

Captain Frank,

Thanks for a fabulous sailing adventure - it was the best!
Katie Mayes, Gettysburg, PA

Great sailing, Great Captain, Great Adventure, Great Time!
Blair Thomas, Gettysburg, PA

June 21, 2000

Captain Frank,

    We had a wonderful time aboard the Aphrodite! Thank you so much for working us into your schedule. Maybe we will sail together again someday.

Jeff & Robin Evans

June 18, 2000

Well, Captain Frank I would like to thank you for a wonderful sailing adventure. It was nice to spend a wonderful day under blue skies and great company! I hope you have over a hundred hits a day on your web site. You deserve to have many clients to enjoy your boating / sailing experience!

Good luck and Happy Sailing,
Michael Oliver Davis

June 18, 2000
A hypnotist, a screen writer, a jeweler and a newsman take a cruise, the hypnotist says to the newsman, ... (Well, it is not a joke, but we had so much fun on the Aphrodite)

Eddie Danson

June 18, 2000

... On Goddess of the Sea Cruises -
Sail by sea, day or night, (We went during the day), enjoyed the sun, the blue water, the brown seals, and saw "Two Bush Lighthouse". The best of all was the lovely day, fresh air, sunshine and social delight. (Hmm)

Wendy Ciccine - We will be back!
Frank, Thank You

Ship's Log Aphrodite: Sea Date 6/16/2000

Left behind the warm & humid weather of the mainland, (the first truly "summer" day of the season!), with expectations of a memorable sailing adventure, and we found one!

A bit of fog enveloping an Island gave way to brilliant blue skies and warm winds as we started the sail. Just a little way out of Long Cove in the open sea, we realized we were in a hole: clear inside with wonderful sailing winds all around - but no land in sight due to fog hiding the mainland and Islands alike! Still, we steered a true and steady course, (thanks to Captain Franks expert instruction), Heading toward the Island of Metinic. The far off fog was not at all intimidating - it just heightened the experience as we focused on our sailing.

We took turns at the helm, learned how to come about, laughed at a few comical terms like "rail meat", and "sea pickles", watched a few portly seals looking for supper, and simply had fun!

Headed back to the Tenants Harbor. As the sun went down, the fog dissipated, revealing it's own huge red ball, then a beautiful array of Islands, then a huge pink moon rising. Fantastic!!! So glad we opted to delay dinner and go back out to sea for another run!

Thanks for a superb excursion - what a heavenly way to celebrate our anniversary!

Rick & Laurie Vigue
Winslow, Maine

June 15, 2000

A dark and dreary afternoon, but the sailing was awesome! We saw 2 fat seals, a few other boats and birds. Thanks for a great afternoon of sailing.

Marc and Cyndi Hutchison

June 13, 2000

It was Ernest Hemingway who said," The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in Maine!". South Florida has been our home for over a decade, so we figured.... heck, it's 90 in the shade in Florida, by June Maine should be a bit cooler, but not that much.

We started our sailing adventure with sun, it was great! Then the clouds rolled in and we stayed below trying to keep warm. Captain Frank's warm & friendly personality kept us from thinking about the chill in the air. The ship is very nice and well suited for our journey. We saw seals, beautiful homes and lighthouses. All in all, the trip was great, the sailing was beautiful! The soft shell lobster feast was excellent!

Thank you Captain Frank for a great time!

Al and Debbie Martinez
Weston, Florida

June 8, 2000

What a privilege to begin the 2000 sailing season with you! Thank you for a wonderful sailing adventure on Penobscot Bay! I could not have asked for a better anniversary present. The weather, the sail, the host, impeccable! We appreciate the time you spent explaining some sailing basics. Thank you so very much.

Jenn & Jeff Tuttle
Rochester, NY

Many days in the years 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

Sailing is for me as much a spirit, a state of mind as it is an activity, a way of feeling free and natural, of giving myself over to the magic of tide and wind, sky and water.  In a way I do not claim to fully understand it is a return home, a coming back to myself.  And that is why sailing with Captain Frank Grande on the sloop APHRODITE or the schooner VIXEN is such an incomparable experience.  Not only is Frank Grande an able seaman, a captain with well honed skills, but he knows and loves the feeling of sailing itself, the freedom of being at one with the wind and water. On our many cruises together he has taught me much, not only the skills of sailing but the very joy of it.

Often, when on a cold winter's night sitting by the fireplace I put down my book to think of the sea, I think of my time sailing with Captain Frank off the coast of Maine, of the many islands we have sailed to, the colorful ports we have visited, smooth sailing under a fine breeze, the excitement of beating windward.  It is a place in memory I go to to be refreshed, to be renewed, a place I go to dream.

John J. McCann, Ph.D.  ( PS: Schooner Vixen is no longer part of the fleet ) F.P.G.

July 29th, 1999

Lovely sail, very peaceful, warm and sunny to start. Sighted both whales and dolphins, probably Minke whales.

Cecile & Jim
Manchester, NH

July 27, 1999

A warm and foggy start to a wonderful day of sailing. Captain Frank and Nikki are very personable and enjoy teaching the subtleties of sailing. We made a good speed On the way out and had clear skies a good breeze for the return. We loved it.

Paul & Sue

 July 24th, 1999

Dear Captain Frank,
    It was fun to be on the boat. We had a fun time and if only the weather had cooperated. Enjoyed seeing the lighthouse and the seal colonies. We will look forward to trying it again if we ever get back to Maine. Thanks for teaching DJ a  few new things.

Don, Stacey, and DJ  Hiltner
Fredrick, MD. 21702
Mom & Dad  DSDhiltner@aol.com

July 8th, 1999

Captain Frank,
    We thoroughly enjoyed the sail and our time aboard the Aphrodite. The weather was perfect, bright & sunny even if the wind was a little finicky. Thanks for the hospitality and patience, with us two novices. If were ever back in Maine, we will
look you up to do it again. Thanks & best wishes for many, many days of fair

Jonnie & Ryan Cox
Chattanooga, TN

July 8th, 1999

Dear Captain Frank
    I enjoyed the sail. Thank you for the M&M's. You have a fun & cool sailboat. Thank you for letting me and Mommy ride your boat and thank you for letting me be your 1st mate. The food was great! I hope I ride again.

Chattanooga, TN

July 4th, 1999
Happy Independence Day

The sun shined, the weather was warm, but little wind for about two hours!
Tack, Tack, and Tack until finally we found the illusive wind!  Got to see plenty
of birds and a few seals, but alas the whales and dolphins opted for other areas on this day. None the less we greatly enjoyed our eight hour tour. Capt. Frank,
Doreen and of course Chief made sure of it!  Fun to swap stories of Pensacola, Fl. and naval ports/stations.
Thank you

Ron & Sheryl Gamble
MA  transplants

June 22 1999

Dear Captain Frank,
    Thank you for a great time sailing from Tenants Harbor. It isn't very often that I spend time with my family and it was a great way to relax. I thought you did a great job with the sails and with the weather, thanks for the great sail.

 Evan & Kenny

August 20, 1998

     I'm listening to you make reservations for an afternoon cruise as I try to get
Keenan out of bed and I'm so sad its not us that get to go out sailing with you again this afternoon. Having determined I would do anything to ensure Sammy have a wonderful vacation, I had to bite my lip when he told me he had made reservations through the internet to go on an overnight sailing trip. I was very nervous about
taking our 11 year old daughter, not knowing anything about this "Frank" and
"Goddess of the Sea Cruises". I had conjured up all kinds of things. Well, Sammy
can plan all our trips now! Frank - you are gifted with all the traits needed for the
royal treatment. I had no idea we would be so blessed. We learned so much from
you, from putting pictures on e-mail to limericks you learned as a teenager, to sailing terms that we will never forget. Add to that the sights of seals, sunbathing, and beautiful antique wooden boats - this family will definitely return as soon as
possible. If you are a salty dog, we would like to be your salty puppies!

Best of luck with this gold mine business, or better yet, God bless it! We will keep
in touch and be back soon. Come visit us at Pawleys Island. We would love to
show you our waters.

Your newest friends,
Susan, Sammy, & Keenan Grayson
Pawleys Island, SC

August 20, 1998

    Thank you so much for the wonderful overnight! We had a bunch of fun going by all of the islands, especially the ones we could relax on. I loved looking at all the lighthouses and old boats!

Keenan Grayson
P.S. I will e-mail you the pictures, don't forget to put them in your brochure!

August 14, 1998

I must admit, at first I was apprehensive and concerned that I would get sea-sick.
You got me involved in sailing - a new crew member- and I survived without
incident! Thank you. Exploring the islands before dinner was a wonderful event.
Thank you for your hospitality and conversation.

Bonnie and Tom Kisko
Micanspy, Florida

August 16, 1998

Thank you Captain Frank and Doreen for a most enjoyable sail. You referred to
the conditions as lumpy, I referred to it as exciting and thrilling! The food was
wonderful and tastes so much better on the boat! You are so comfortable to be
around. We felt like we were sailing with friends. We wish you the best with
Goddess of the Sea Cruises. You have a gold mine! I hope to cruise with you next summer so please keep us on your mailing list.

Tom and Ruthie Haden
Inwood, NY

August 8, 1998

Saturday, 4:50 PM, coming back into Tenants Harbor after a beautiful 4 hour sail.
Started out breezy and clear, then was foggy, then it cleared up again! Had a
wonderful afternoon sailing on the same size and model boat we used to own!
Though we saw no whales, we did hear one. The weather was great, the cool
ocean breezes spectacular, and more lobster pot markers than I could have ever
imagined. We had a restful and relaxing afternoon out on the beautiful Atlantic
Ocean. Thanks for your skilled seamanship and good conversation. Thanks for a
great trip Captain Frank!

Bernie and Brian Conklin Powers
Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Monday, August 31, 1998

Thank you Captain Frank! We had a wonderful and varied expedition. The captain
and crew gave us an exciting trip through dense fog yesterday on the Aphrodite.
We spent the evening on the Vixen with the best lobster feast we could ever
dream of. This morning we are back on the Aphrodite, there were lots of clouds
and I thought we were D.I.W. (dead in the water due to light wind), but alas Captain Frank patiently waited to show us a most perfect afternoon and enjoyed speeds up to 6 knots. Thanks for the sailing, food, compass training, and sailing lessons!

Patty Kuehman & Shirly Chapman
Littleton, CO     Northrock, IL

Wednesday, September 2,

Captain Frank,
     Thanks for a great time! Had a few great puffs of wind. We saw seals and a
 dolphin! It was great, learned lots about sailing in general and learned how to tie a
 few knots. This was the first time in Maine for my husband and I, and our first
 time sailing! Mainers have a lot to be proud of ! I had lobster for the first time and
 it was wonderful. Erik had filet mignon that was also wonderful. We were served
 with great hospitality, great food, and great sights. Thanks for a wonderful trip.

 Erik & Alicia Standerfer
 Gladstone, MI (in the U.P.)

September 14, 1998

Beautiful, crisp day, calm seas, enjoyed our 4 - 6 knot sail. Clear view for miles
around. Captain Frank is a knowledgeable sailor and a good teacher. We look
forward to sailing with Captain Frank in the future. What a gorgeous shoreline!

Jim & Arlene Reilich
Rochester, NY

August 1, 1998

Captain Frank,
    We had a unique opportunity when we got to sail on two different sailboats. Our
trip out on the Aphrodite was great. On our journey we encountered at least 3
whales, a seal, and a dog (Chief). I had a great and interesting trip and hope I can
do it again.

Chris Hamilton Ogden
Skowhegan, ME

August 2, 1998

Captain Frank,
    Thanks so much for the beautiful sail on your schooner (Vixen). Being able to curl up in a warm blanket under the warm sun and cool wind was exactly the kind of relaxation I needed. Thank you.

C. K.

August 14, 1998

Moderate winds with the unbelievably mild seas made for the best sail on the
nicest day of this week. Followed by a clear night sky that afforded infinite stars, a
lighthouse beacons view, a fog-horns moan, and the longest shooting stars ever.
We not only look forward to returning, but hopefully to staying in touch until we do.

John Sents and Judy A. Klein
Rochester, NY

August 22, 1998

What a beautiful way to spend the day in Maine. The weather was gorgeous and
we loved the seals!! Thank you for a memorable ride with such enjoyable
company. Take care.
The lawyer - Cory
The teacher - Stephanie

207-877-7824 or 

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